The Greatest Bar On Lake Coeur d'Alene

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  1. Mike

    Wow, the story about one shot Charlie that I just read on your site really surprised me.
    I was in the fishing tournament this past weekend and had my first meal there and I loved the food, and the environment, including the fire, but especially I will remember the picture of the Vintage lady outside your restaurant. I was hoping your website would have a picture of the lady.

    Thanks, I’ll be back to eat there!

  2. Mark Powell

    I lived in Harrison back in the early 70’s as a young boy. I was in 1st through 4th grades there. I remember going around finding empty bottles lying around. Russel’s store, now the trading post, would give you a nickle for soda bottles, but not take beer bottles. But we were always able to take beer bottles we found into Charlie. He’d give us a penny each for them.
    Back then, his bar was not so clean and “upscale” as this website makes it look, and at 8 years old, I PROBABLY shouldn’t have been allowed in there. (Not by today’s standards anyway) I am pretty sure that Charlie only gave us the penny to be nice to the kids in town. Recycling wasn’t so common back then.
    I am so amazed that One Shot Charlies still exists, and is apparently doing quite well. Hopefully, sometime in the not-too-distant future, I can make my way back to Harrison, and enjoy a snack and a drink at Charlies, and some fishing, like we used to do, in that cold, lovely lake.

    • oscharrison12

      Hello Mark,

      Thank you for your post! It is so interesting and fun to hear stories about Harrison and One Shot Charlie’s. The current owners, Jordan Hall and Whitney Hruza, have done an excellent job on keeping the “dive bar” setting of Charlie’s but with a clean, up to date feel as well. It has become a very family friendly establishment. We hope you can return to Harrison sometime! We’d love to hear more of your stories.


      One Shot Charlie’s Management

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